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Two Zero Tolerance Knives That Contribute to a Justified Reputation for Performance

Knifemaker Zero Tolerance is known for turning out blades that hold up well in the most demanding of situations and environments. A favorite of many first responders and law enforcement professionals, Zero Tolerance emphasizes uncompromising performance with every design and product. A quick look at some of the best selling Zero Tolerance knives at the moment will make it clear why so many informed buyers and owners recommend the company’s products to others.

Many Knives That Perform Well in a Wide Variety of Situations

Some of today’s most famous knifemakers are known mostly for turning out blades that are beautiful and impressive in their craftsmanship. While Zero Tolerance has a knack for producing attractive folding knives, the company’s primary emphasis remains clearly and directly on performance. Some of the Zero Tolerance models that most often receive praise include the:

  • ZT0022. A folding knife that is overly heavy can end up dragging its owner down in more ways than one. Many first responders today find it worthwhile to keep the weight of their toolkits as low as possible at all times. The Zero Tolerance ZT0022 helps in this respect by incorporating two materials that are known to combine light weight with impressive strength. Carbon fiber and titanium come together in the ZT0022 to form a frame that is extraordinarily light without sacrificing strength or ruggedness. That can make the ZT0022 an excellent addition to a kit that might not otherwise have no weight to spare for a small, folding knife.
  • ZT0055BRZ. A knife blade that is too thin or brittle can easily let a first responder down at an especially inopportune time. As a result, many emergency response professionals prefer knives with especially stout profiles and shapes. The blade on the Zero Tolerance ZT0055BRZ resembles a traditional tanto but goes even further with regard to its reinforcement. At the same time, a well-integrated flipper ensures that the ZT0055BRZ will always be easy to open when it is needed the most.

A Knife Maker Justifiably Known for Performance

Knives like these and many others contribute to Zero Tolerance’s well-justified reputation for producing blades that perform well in demanding situations. As a result, many of those who depend on their own knives the most consider Zero Tolerance one of the best in the business.