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Investing Your Money in the Right Penny Stocks

Do you have plans of investing your hard-earned money in penny stocks but do not know where to begin? Before you learn more about the best penny stocks, you have to know what they are first.

Penny stocks are basically one of the best ways for you to have an income growth. What made penny stocks enticing for a lot of people than the usual stocks is that they only have a very low price per share. Simply put, penny stocks are one way of letting you invest in something without using a lot of your money. It is important to note that penny stocks are also known as common shares. This means that they are very easy to purchase.

And yet, which penny stocks are worth buying and which ones are worth leaving alone? This is where this article comes in. Here you will find the most updated list of the best penny stocks in the current market. Make sure to read this one to learn more about them.

To start the list, you can check out One Stop Systems that is quickly getting bigger with a solid financial background. It come with hyper-volatile shares that are at undervalued prices. This is a popular company for manufacturing and designing of computer components and systems.

A while ago, One Stop Systems were trading shares at $3.90 each share. Less than half this rate is how current trading of the company is doing.

Even if One Stop Systems is a small company, it makes $37 million and $27 million in annual revenue and market cap, respectively. About 120,000 trade shares take place per day.

If you want to learn more about how much you can earn from investing penny stocks in this company, talk to a broker. A brokerage calculator tool is also present if you want to get estimates.

Another source of penny stocks is the biotech company called Cidara Therapeutics that focuses on the treatment of infectious diseases. Currently, they are in the works of a Phase 3 clinical trial for the treatment of candidemia. In the coming months, is Cidara Therapeutics penny stocks should gain some momentum. Check this out to learn more about the trial.

Finally, you can make the most of your penny stock investments when you choose Axsome Therapeutics. It is one of the top performers in penny stocks in the recent year with an amazing 215% increase.

A while ago, the penny stock has reached more than 200%. This happened when the company announced that they are now on Phase 2 of their major depressive treatment clinical trial. With the current high, the latest news states that 14% less of the stocks are what Axsome is dealing. Be sure to check this link to learn more about these stocks.

A broker can still help you in knowing the latest buzz in penny stocks and what you can do to maximize your profit potential.